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Sponsorship Program


The GVN Foundation Sponsorship Program gives you the opportunity to make an ongoing difference to the lives of vulnerable children at our projects. One of the biggest challenges of running an orphanage or school is ensuring that the children's needs are met every single day. This is why sponsorship is so important to our projects - by making a monthly donation you are helping to create a level of continuity at our projects which can ensure that all the children's nutritional, educational and medical needs are met.

The GVN Foundation Sponsorship Program is different to some other sponsorship programs because your donation will go towards supporting a whole project, rather than an individual child. sponsorship The reason for this is that our sponsorship model ensures that all the children at our projects receive the same level of care and support.

We are currently seeking sponsors for the projects in Nepal, Peru, Uganda and Kenya. All our sponsors are provided with bi-annual updates on how the children at their projects are doing and how their donations have been used. You will also be provided a receipt each month for your donation. If you are from the United States this receipt can be used for tax purposes. Please select a project below to learn more about the project and set up your monthly donation:

> Brighter Future Children's Home in Nepal


> Shining Stars Children's Home in Nepal

> Antardristi Centre in Nepal

> Hogar Mercedes de Jesus in Peru

> Hope for Africa Children's Village in Uganda

> Happy Life Children's Home in Kenya

> Shelter Children's Home in Kenya