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A young pig for Uganda: $70

gift Thank you for making the decision to buy a young pig for Uganda! Your young pig will be given out to an existing member of a social entrepreneurship group in Mukono, Uganda. The member will have access to a pig shelter and agree to give out a future piglet to another member. All young pigs will be female and in good health. All members are given training on how to maintain pigs as their piglet grows. All members must show the ability to feed, vaccinate and inseminate their young pigs. This is a great project that will expand with time, generate income at the family level, and spread pig rearing information at the grassroots level in Uganda.

You will be emailed a Gift of Change certificate. If you are making this donation on behalf of someone, you will be able to personalise the certificate and give it to them as a gift. You will also be emailed a receipt for your donation which can be used for tax purposes in the United States. If you are from New Zealand and wish to receive a New Zealand tax receipt, please submit your donation through the GVN Charitable Trust by clicking here. 90% of the funds received by the GVN Foundation will directly reach our partner. The remaining 10% will be used to fund the GVN Foundation's administrative and program costs. Please note that we will strive to send the funds to the project above but in the event of a change in program, GVN Foundation and our partner organization in Uganda will determine the destination of funds. In all instances donations will be used towards our mission of supporting vulnerable women and children in Uganda. By proceeding you agree with the Foundation's refund policy as stated in our legal terms of service.