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What are we working on now?

Be The Change

What is the Be The Change program?

Be The Change

The program is designed to take your idea or dream and give you the skills and confidence you need to make it a reality. It is a one-week program and includes a range of capacity-building and inspirational workshops.

When and where is the next Be The Change program?

For details on our next Be The Change program, click here.

Who leads the Be The Change program?

The program is led by Colin Salisbury, Founder and President of Global Volunteer Network, and one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. Recently Bill Gates recognized Colin's work by recommending that young people volunteer with Global Volunteer Network. Be The ChangeAssistant facilitators of this program are each social entrepreneurs in their own right.

Is this the right program for you?

This is the program for you if you would like to:

  • Start a non-profit/charity organization
  • Get paid to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Get a job with a non-profit/charity
  • Start a social enterprise or project
  • Or if you just want to learn more about the field of Social Entrepreneurship and/or International Development
Be The Change

How do you apply?

To apply for the Be The Change program, go to globalvolunteernetwork.org/be_the_change.